Known as the cha-cha master, Tim Ranf has been a part of Queen City Ballet  productions every year since 2003 and was in the very first DWHS.  "For 13 years I have watched this amazing artistic director bring a level of art and excellence to this community that is unmatched. I've seen the dancers grow and watch them move on to professional careers in dance and get excepted into prestigious schools and universities because of the quality of the education and training they receive at QCB." Tim feels that it is important to raise money to support the artistic director and to put on these productions that are crucial to continuing that training. Tim loves being a part of QCB and being a part of dancing with the stars. Tim explains that DWHS "is also by far the most entertaining and fun fundraiser in Helena." The other half of Tim's sizzling cha-cha is Mathilda Inman, winner of the 2017 Miss Teen Sheer Talent in Las Vegas and is the 2016 DWHS runner-up. 

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