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 TINY Dancers

Ages 2-3

Parent-assisted, 6-12 month program.  A developmental dance class for ages 18 months - 3 years, focusing on Parent/guardian and child participation,  The Parent/Guardian plays an integral part in a class by providing comfort and modeling participation.  This class offers an environment for children to developmentally grow, both individually and socially in a dance class setting and be introduced to valuable skills such s listening, taking turns, and following directions, while enhancing gross motor skill development and rhythm. 


This class is a pre-introduction to dance and is a great class to help transition your children into a dance class on their own.



Ages 3-4

12-24 month program.  An introduction to dance through exercise, creative movement, song and dance incorporating motor skills, stretching, imagination, emotions, and music. 

Performance opportunity in the Spring Defile.


Ages 5-6

12-24 month program

A wonderful foundation for classical ballet using French terminology, storybooks, music, and costuming in a syllabus of technique, rhythmic activities, and dance.

Performance opportunity in both Holiday and Spring Defiles.


Ages 5-6

12-24 month program

A continuation of the Pre-Ballet program by teacher placement only with additional performance opportunities and acceleration through the program.

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