Queen City Ballet has become a destination for students who desire the finest classical training in Montana. Through the use of a comprehensive training program, Queen City Ballet allows students to develop the strong technical foundation needed to excel in all styles of dance and the performing arts.


Students learn from the highly effective teaching of artistic director Campbell Midgley and accomplished guest artists from all parts of the nation.

The program affords an outstanding opportunity to improve technical skill, gain greater strength, refine performance skills, and gain the edge needed to succeed in today’s competitive dance arena.

Creative Dance I & Creative Dance II Ages 3 & 4

An introduction to dance through exercise, creative movement , song and dance incorporating motor skills, stretching, imagination, emotions and music.

Pre-Ballet I & Pre-Ballet II Ages 5-7

A wonderful foundation of classical ballet using French terminology , storybooks, music and costuming in a syllabus of technique, rhythmic activities and dance.

Ballet I, Ballet II, Ballet IIA Ages 7-11

These levels are the beginning of a formal structured ballet class that continues to refine motor skills, explore creative expression, gain strength and coordination.

Ballet III- Ballet V 10 & up

Our syllabus in these levels follow the Russian training method of teaching. Placement is at the discretion of the Artistic Director. The classes are highly structured and planned to allow the student to grow to their full potential through self discipline,  commitment,  tenacity  & challenging the body & mind. Students usually spend more than one year in each level and are placed in excel classes to con­ tinue their development toward upper levels. Summer dance training is expected.

Ballet III, BIII Pointe Prep/Conditioning, BIII Excel

These levels focus on technique, pointe prep, flexibility, conditioning and beginning level pointe work.

BIIIA, BIIIA Excel, BIV, BIV Excel, BV & BV Pro

These levels focus on technique, pointe, variations, pas de deux, contemporary classes, stretch, strength, condi­tioning and professional artistry.

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